The Ad 2 commitment to public service is one of the qualities that sets Ad 2 apart from other advertising-related organizations.

Each year Ad 2 SD selects a non-profit to help improve their marketing efforts. Depending on the nonprofit’s needs, the Public Service committee develops and executes a full-scale marketing campaign that may include:


Creative Design Social Media Radio Marketing Event Planning
Media Planning Digital Marketing Print Outdoor Strategy and Branding Public Relations
Public Relations Television Logo Design Account Service Graphic Design


These campaigns are not schoolwork. They are not theoretical. They are real, and make a difference in local communities. Scores of non-profit organizations point to the assistance they received from a local Ad 2 Chapter as the key to their development and success.

If you are interested in joining the committee or supporting the campaign through resources or contributions, please contact committee co-chairs Hanna Samad and Aryana Aguiar at