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March Membership Spotlight



Kimberly Goassard

All About Kimberly Gossard!


Tell us a little about yourself.

Things that I love include: the ocean, big-picture ideation, solving problems creatively, playing sports (but not watching them), hearing (and telling) great stories, and high heels. People have described me as enthusiastically driven in whatever I do. I consider myself realistically optimistic. With an undergrad degree in marine biology and a passion for ocean conservation, I hope to use the skills I am learning through my education and work experience to increase sustainability initiatives and implement effective market strategies in environmentally conscious companies. My goal is to help companies realize their purpose in ways that benefit both them and the world.

Where do you currently work and what do you do there?

I am currently a full time student at the Rady School of Management, getting my MBA. My part time job/internship is as a marketing and brand strategy consultant at the start-up Monet: a predictive analytics company that specializes in facial recognition. Our technology uses webcams to capture panelists’ reactions to video content they watch on our website. My job is to create a cohesive market strategy that ensures the panelists using our website and the market agencies we sell to understand how that works and are enticed to try it. I am also working as the volunteer Marcom Director for the San Diego AMA Cause Conference that is happening this May. I lead a subcommittee of 12 people to deliver all conference marketing communications, including email, web, social, content, PR, and advertising under an overarching market strategy.

Where is your hometown?

I grew up in the relatively small town of San Juan Capistrano in Orange County, California. Besides being a 15 minute bike-ride from the beach, it is most famous for the migration of swallows that visit us each year from Mexico. The annual Swallows Day Parade is actually this month!

What made you join Ad 2?

I was introduced to AD2 by a personal mentor of mine, Shelley Callahan, who invited me to last year’s Mingle Bells party. I met so many fun people with inspiring careers in the industry I was interested in that I decided to become a member immediately after the party! It’s been one of the wisest investments I’ve ever made.

What has been your favorite part as an Ad 2 San Diego Member?

My favorite part of being an AD2 member is attending all of the mixers and Untapped events where I get to network with experienced professionals in agency. Being in AD2 has opened up a ton of opportunities for me and let me make some great new friends! I always return from a night out with AD2 thinking, “I’m so glad I went to that!”

What do you like to do for fun?

I love the outdoors. From scuba diving, to rock climbing, to camping and going to the beach, you can usually find me soaking in the California sun. I also love traveling the world and experiencing different cultures first hand. I backpacked through Europe two summers ago and thus far have been to over 13 different countries, including the Galapagos.


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