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March Member Spotlight – Morgan Poor


Ad 2 San Diego is full of intriguing and inspiring individuals. Get to know your fellow Ad 2 San Diego Members! This months featured member is Morgan Poor.

Job Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Industry: Education
Company: University of San Diego

1.     Where is your hometown?

The exotic Bowling Green, OH

2.     What brought you to San Diego?

In academia, you go where you get a job. I somehow lucked out and got an awesome job at a wonderful university in this amazing city!

3.     What made you join Ad 2 San Diego?

I teach Advertising and Promotion and am the Faculty Advisor for the USD Ad Club, so I try to maintain a network of local experts in the field. This allows me to stay on top of industry trends and also to bring in guest speakers for class and the club. Shameless plug: If anyone is interested being a guest speaker, please let me know!

4.     What has been your favorite part as an Ad 2 San Diego Member?

I am new to San Diego and have only been an As 2 member for a couple months, so I have not had the chance to attend very many events. The first event I went to (and my favorite so far) was Mingle Bells. It was cool to see so many people come out and well, mingle!

5.    Saint Patrick’s Day is creeping up, what is your favorite way to celebrate?

Hmm, I guess my favorite part about Saint Patrick’s Day is that everyone wears green. I am a huge fan mass color coordination. I’m also excited to see how San Diego celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day. I have heard of a few parades and festivals, so I plan to check those out.

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