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March Member Spotlight – Jen Lawson

Get to know your fellow Ad 2 San Diego Members! This months featured member is Jen Lawson.

Where is your hometown?

I grew up in Martinsville, a small town in southern Virginia.  With the Blue Ridge Mountains as our backdrop and “y’all” being one of our most common words, it was a very idyllic way to grow up.  I sometimes felt like I was living in an episode of the Andy Griffith show.

What brought you to San Diego?  

I had vacationed in San Diego with my family growing up and just fell in love with it.  I was out of college and working as a designer/project manager in a sign shop in Charlottesville, Virginia and decided the time to move was now or never.  So I packed up a couple of bags, got on a plane and moved out to San Diego.  A month later I was gainfully employed as an environmental graphic designer and living out my California dream.

What made you join Ad 2 San Diego?  

I attended Mingle Bells and had such a great time that I wanted to get involved.  I met up with Sheila Fox and Cindy Saylor of Ad Club and they mentioned Ad 2, I joined the group shortly after.

What has been your favorite part as an Ad 2 Member?   

The events have all been excellent and the people are very friendly.  Meeting like minded people who have similar interests has been great.  I’ve had a lot of fun so far, I wish I had joined Ad 2 years ago!

Saint Patrick’s Day is creeping up, what is your favorite way to celebrate? 

I enjoy doing the St. Patrick’s Day 10k in Mission Bay.  It’s a great way to start the day (and feel less guilty about drinking a green beer later).

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