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Be a part of something awesome.

Ad2 connects San Diego’s young advertising, marketing and communications professionals with social, educational and hands-on industry experiences. We’re a large group (100+ strong) of writers, designers, creators, innovators and genuinely cool people.


  • Build your résumé with the experience you want
  • Join a committee to expand and showcase your skills
  • Rub elbows with industry leaders
  • Hang out with like-minded industry peers
  • Explore new trade skills like SEO, branding, social media, design and analytics
  • Happy hour!
  • Score members-only pricing for all Ad2SD and SDX events, including:
  • Become an affiliate of the nationally recognized American Advertising Federation (AAF)


Professionals under 32 (Over 32? Check out SDX.)—$95
Students with current AAF organization membership—$25

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