Our Focus


Ad 2 San Diego is a member driven organization and we are here to make sure you get the most out of your membership. Are you a young professional just getting into the industry and looking to meet some people with similar interests? Do you have suggestions for event topics or locations? Looking for a new job or to make some new contacts? Do you want to make a difference among your peers? We are here for you and want to hear your thoughts so that we can make Ad 2 the best we can be!

Our Goals

The Ad 2 Membership Committee strives to…

  • Grow our membership to include all of the key young hipsters in our industry
  • Increase networking and relationships among our members
  • Make joining Ad 2 a great decision for you
  • Get you excited about and involved in the club

Get Involved

You would be our personal promoter for the club. At each event, you would help recruit new members and help make everyone feel welcome at the event. Other Board members will help you do this, but it will be your responsibility to attend the majority of our events and greet everyone. You will also distribute phone tree lists among our board to make sure all of our club members are informed of upcoming events and have personal contact with the club. You would generate surveys to go to our club members to see what their interests are, why they joined or chose not to renew their membership, etc. You would be in charge of following up with new members as they join and make sure they receive a personal invite to the next event.


Ready to invest in your career and become a member?

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