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February Member Spotlight – Katrin Henricksen

Our member spotlight is our opportunity to highlight the diverse members of Ad 2 San Diego, all with different backgrounds and interests. This month’s member spotlight is Katrin Henricksen, our Programs Co-Chair! She’s the girl to talk to if you want to learn about all the upcoming events at Ad 2, so say hi and check out the events on our Facebook page!

1. Tell us about yourself!
I am an East Coast transplant and come from a huge family – I am #8 of 9 kids. I have been in San Diego for about 4 years. I studied Visual Communications at the University of Delaware and graduated with a BFA with a focus on Ad Design and Applied illustration. After graduating, and undecided on a career path I followed my lifelong dream of moving to California – jobless and homeless with my best friend. I fell in love with San Diego, and managed to start a life for myself here. After focusing on my lifestyle goals for a few years I am ready to refocus on my career goals and get involved in the advertising and marketing world.

2. Where do you currently work and what do you do there?
I work at a large law firm, Cooley LLP. I assist with the Marketing team, mostly with events and meetings, but also assist in different departments as needed such as administration and trademark.I am a member of our activities Committee and help plan all of our staff events, and also of our Cooley Cares committee which is a group that organizes all of our community involvement and charity events and fundraisers. I also organize our quarterly blood drives for the San Diego Blood Bank.

3. Where is your hometown?
Framingham, Massachusetts, a large town 20 minutes west of Boston.

4. What made you join Ad 2?
I was taking Marketing and Media classes in the SDSU Extended Studies program, and Laura came in and talked about Ad2. I was interested in making a career shift into the Marketing, Advertising and Media world, and it sounded like a great opportunity to make some connections and get involved. I attended a board meeting and joined after seeing everything it had to offer, and meeting some great people.

5. What has been your favorite part as an Ad 2 San Diego Member?
I love being a part of the programs committee and helping with and attending the events. Being around an eclectic group of talented and passionate people has probably been the best part, because it inspires me to stay involved and connected, and is a great environment in which to constantly learn and grow.

6. What do you like to do for fun?
I love traveling when I can, and I also love exploring San Diego. I spend as much time as possible exploring hikes, beaches, events, concerts, and trying new restaurants. I enjoy being outdoors and exercising as much as possible. I am forever a crafter, so I am always trying new DIY home decoration projects, art projects and jewelry/design experiments. I enjoy some good wine and laughter with friends and family, and since I am at the certain age I have no choice but to love going to weddings (6 this year!)

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